Recently I’ve been thinking about how important computer networks are and how different my day would be without them. I’m going to outline my day and focus on the different times that I use computers or networks to show you how important computers have become in my life. 

7:00am: I wake up in the morning to my smartphone telling me the time and the news headlines for the day.

7:30am: Use the Bible app on my phone to read the word before I get ready for work.

8:30am: Check the weather on my phone to see what I should wear for the day.

9:00am: Clock in at work and begin using my work computer for the day.

11:00am: Take notes on my laptop for my next fews class. (Of course I’ll be checking Facebook different tech websites while I’m in class as well).

1:00pm: Back to work and back to using my work computer. (During this time I use the printers that are on the same network as my work computer). 

6:00pm: Get off of work and check my to-do list on my phone that syncs with my computer to see what homework I have to do. 

7:00pm-9:00pm: Do homework and surf the internet using my laptop.

9:00pm-11:00pm: Stream Netflix movies on my laptop until I go to bed. 

So, as we see here, I am literally using a computer and network all day. Almost all of my day to day tasks involve me using a computer in some way. It’s kind of scary to think how important computers are in my life.