MVW (Most Valuable Website)

And the prize goes to……..

Over the past couple of weeks, this website has been invaluable to me. I recently bought a new-to-me nexus phone on e-bay that came pre-rooted (For those of you that don’t know, rooting an android phone is comparable to jailbreaking an iphone but with more privileges). I had previously known nothing about the world of rooted android phones and the XDA-Developers forum had all the information I could ever need to know.

Most of the questions I had were answered by a quick use of the search bar and then reading through a few threads on the forum. I was learning about special apps that required root permissions and how to overclock my CPU to get more processing power all from the posts of the noobs that went before me. Eventually I had a question that I could not find the answer to anywhere on the forum so I had to come out of hiding, declare myself a noob, and beg for help.

Or so I thought.

Everyone on this forum was quick to offer their help without any attitude or condescension and my question was answered within a few hours. A few of the members even offered me more advice to follow if I wanted to know how to do other things with my new phone. Everyone was polite and helpful, and it made my experience very pleasant.

There is a vast wealth of knowledge here, and everybody is happy to share it.


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